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Electronics Engineering are gaining increasing importance in all works of life. The advancements and technological innovations in electronics are felt in area as diverse as commercial communications, medicine and defense.

The primary mission is to offer a high quality undergraduate education that is relevant to the future careers and lives of our students. The department recognizes the fact that faculty and staff are the most essential components in the realization of this mission and it seeks to provide a working environment that supports and nurtures these individuals.

The learning environment at the department is focused on the evolving needs of students and society.This allows individuals with diverse backgrounds to enter, succeed, and continue the life-long earning process in their chosen careers.


Job Avenues

Higher Studies


 Electronics Engineering Telecommunication Sector 

Broadcasting Sector 

Systems Engineer

Research & Development 









(Direct Admission in 2nd Year of 4 year Degree Course)


 Elementary Workshop Tech.

Electrical Tech. & Electronics Lab.

Electrical Engg. II

Industrial Electronics & Transducers

Network Filters

Transmission Lines

EDC Lab.

Communication Lab.

Digital Electronics Lab.