5 Bgmi Most Dangerous Players 2023

Hello friends in this post we are talking about the 5 Bgmi Most Dangerous Players. BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is the most popular battle royale game. After the pubg ban in India BGMI was released in India. Many Indian gamers are popular for playing BGMI and get popular on social media. some esports players are the most dangerous players in BGMI games. If you are a BGMI lover and BGMI player then you want to read this blog post. Bgmi game was released 3 months before and is completed 100 Million downloads on the play store. Bgmi officials announced all upcoming tournaments.

1. Jonathan Gaming

  • #1 BGMI player
  • Best bgmi player in India
  • Jonathan is a Bgmi Most Dangerous Player
  • Jonathan’s Achievements in gaming carrier
  • Skyesports Grand Slam 2022 MVP Won in 2021
  • Red Bull M.E.O. Season 4: India MVP Won in 2021
  • Masters Series MVP (2022) By Sachin Tendulkar
  • Jonathan’s total net worth is $50k – $80k
  • Youtube – jonathan gaming
  • Instagram – Jonathan Amaral (@ig_jonathangaming)
jonathan Gaming BGMi id
Image credit – instagram

Jonathan gaming is the best bgmi and wins many MVP awards in bgmi tournaments. If you are a gamer then you already know about Jonathan because Jonathan is the most popular of bgmi.

Jonathan wins the MVP trophy in PMCO 2022 and this award Sachin Tendulkar give Jonathan 1,00,000 prize money. That’s all known Jonathan is the best player of bgmi no doubt about it.

Jonathan Gaming is popular for his dialogue like MVP or What and Tpa Tap. He is a bgmi expert player. Jonathan has 5.5 million subscribers on youtube and his Many live streams trend on youtube.

Jonathan right now playing from Godlike Esports and he is starting with TSM entity org. He is a good person and Humble Nature. Jonathan is a Bgmi Most Dangerous Player That’s why all the players call him a hacker.

Jonathan collaborated with many companies like Samsung for the new launch of monitors and the newly launched S23 Ultra phone for gaming tests. If you want additional information about Joanthan gaming then you should read a recent blog post about Joanthan gaming.

2. Goblin

  • #2 BGMI player
  • Best BGMi player in India
  • Goblin achievement in-game
  • THUG Invitational: Season 4, 6thSouL $2645.
  • Pro Warrior Cup Pro Warrior Cup S2: Conquest Round1stSouL$3925.
  • Pro Warrior Cup Season1 ,1st SouL $2,645
  • BGMI Open Challenge 2022: The Grind 2nd SouL $ 1081.
  • 7Sea Invitational 9th SouL $300.
  • OR Championship – Legends Rise 2022 2nd SouL $1332
  • Skyesports Grand Slam 2022 2nd SouL $4,017
  • Youtube – Goblin
  • Instagram – soul_goblin

Goblin is a popular Indian gamer, esports player, athlete and social media influencer. Right now goblin playing bgmi from Soul org. This org own by Mortal. Goblin is the #2 most dangerous player of bgmi Because he recently had a full squid finish in an esports tournament.

Goblin Guns spray like a god and his gameplay is like a pro player. Mostly goblin use assault rifles in bgmi game and goblins roles in the team as assault.

Goblin lives in Mumbai right now and his family is in Goa. He also plays GTA 5, dota 2 and other pc games for fun. Goblin is the best close-range fighter and his grenade-throwing skill is good. He started his gamer career in 2018 and played his first esports tournament.

Goblin is a good IGL and his gaming skills are also good. Every tournament Jonathan and goblin fight for the MVP trophy. Goblin is a Bgmi Most Dangerous Player in India.

3. Akshat

  • #3 BGMI player
  • Best BGMi player in India
  • Akshat achievement in Game
  • the most dangerous player in BGMI
  • Youtube – soul akshat
  • Instagram – soul_akshat

Akshat knows as Soul Akshat and he joined Soul Esports in 2021. He is famous for a Clutch master and his role in a team soul as an assaulter. Akshat is the most Dangerous assaulter in the BGMI community? He wins the PMIS Mvp trophy for best assaulter in season 1.

4. Clutch God

  • #4 BGMI player
  • Best BGMi player in India
  • Clutch God achievement in-game
  • Youtube – clutchgod
  • Instagram – tsment_clutchgod

Vivek Abhas Horo is known as a Clutch god and recently join Team Godlike in 2022. He is famous for being a Close range fighter and short gun master. Clutch God belong to a middle-class family and he lives in Delhi right now.

5. Ninja Jod

  • #5 BGMI player
  • Best BGMi player in India
  • Ninja Jod achivement in game
  • Ninjagod is Bgmi Most Dangerous Player
  • Youtube – Ninja Jod
  • Instagram – ig_ninjajod

Shubham Ranjan known as a Ninja Jod. He is famous for close-range fights, short-range and long-range fights. Ninja Jod is a best close-range fighter and assaulter of a team TSM entity. He joined the TSM entity in 2021 and proved his supremacy in bgmi tournament. Ninja god is the most Dangerous assaulter in bgmi community. He wins PMCO’s most emerging player of season 1. Ninja god lives in Mumbai right now.


All players have the same gaming skills but some players play like a god. All esports players are using the same device and the same gaming resources but some players are top in bgmi. My opinion about the most dangerous player all bgmi players are playing the same but some players have advantages in the game. Always situation matters in bgmi game and players’ position also matters.

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