Get a Free A1 Royal Pass, Uc Giveaway, A1 Royal Pass Released date, and Rewards

Hello guys welcome to my new blog post on how to Get a Free A1 Royal Pass And Uc Giveaway. We are talking about how can get A1 free Royal pass and some new BGMI updates. BGMI officials announced a new BGMI update coming soon. Many gamers are searching on the internet for BGMI’s new season release date and BGMI royal pass rewards. If you are searching for BGMI Updates then you are on the right place to read my post. We are Giveaway 20 royal passes to lucky winners. If anyone wants BGMI royal pass join my BGMI royal pass Giveaway. Read my blog post carefully and you get a free A1 Royal Pass.

Bgmi A1 Royal Pass Release Date and Time

BGMI Royal Pass Name Not known
Royal Pass Theme Not known
BGMI A1 Royal Pass Release Date 13 July
A1 Royal Pass Release Time 7:30 Am
BGMI New Event Release Date 13 July
A1 Royal Pass RP1 to 100
BGMI A1 Elite Pass Uc 720 Uc
BGMI A1 Elite plus Pass Uc1920 Uc
Season Time 2 Month

Bgmi A1 royal pass 1 to 100 rewards

If you have some Uc in BGMI account then you are a lucky person. BGMI A1 Royal Pass is coming soon. A1 royal pass is an awesome royal pass in BGMI history. Let’s Talk about some Rewards and some beautiful scenes. If you are a royal pass user then you get some rewards like this.

A1 Elite Royale Pass all rewards (1 to 100 RP)

Precision Artistry: DP-28Serpentine Glaze Plane Finish
Drakonbane Remnant MacheteSteel Morpher Helmet
Pixel Kitty BackpackViolet Eclipse Thompson SMG
Brass Bovine MG3Tangerine Drake Set
Violet Eclipse Sidecar MotorcycleSwftshooter M16A4
Mythic Emote Tangerine DrakeMythic Emote: Specter Slayer

Free Royale Pass User

Emote: Ember Prowler Set
Labyrinth Beast ParachuteFun Astronaut SLR
Emote: Joyful DebutEmote: Dance

How Can You Get Free A1 Royal Pass

If you are searching for a free Uc for royal pass then know some things. If you want some Uc for purchasing for a royal pass then you find some Uc Giwaway channels. I will give some channel names for free royal pass. But you want to join all channels then watch some videos and you get an A1 royal pass for free. If you want to join my website royal pass giveaway then you want to comment and share my blog post. My blog post has 300 comments then I will choose 3 winners for a royal pass. You want some Givaay channels names like this MrCyberSquadRocks, classified yt, VLN gaming, and more

Bgmi A1 royal pass special Rewards

BGMI new season coming soon with a 2.6 update. if are a bgmi player then you will get 1000 Uc rewards in a1 royal pass. A1 royal pass is based on an infinity theme and more upgrade guns. If you want the latest news about bgmi new update and royal pass then regularly check my website. clssifideyt is channel is a one of the best for bgmi updates. if you want to see all guns and royal pass rewards then visit this channel

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