BGMI Full Form | BGMI Full Form List Every Player Must Know

BGMI Full Form – Present time BGMI is a popular online game that is played by esports players. If you also play this game then you must know BGMI complete Form. In this article, we mention BGMI big form and all of full form that are used in BGMI game.

BGMI Full Form

BGMI big form is Battleground Mobile India. After the ban of Pubg mobile games in India. Krafton launched BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) as the newest version of Pubg Mobile Global. BGMI was released on 2 July 2021 on the Play Store and App Store.

BGMI Full Form in Table Format

BGMI Detailed Form in Table

Battleground Mobile India All Full Form List

Here we are providing all of the Shorts Abbreviations forms with their full form –

BGMIBattleground Mobile India
TPPThird Person Perspective
FPPFirst Person Perspective
F/DFinishes Per Death Ratio
UCUnknown Cash
RPRoyal Pass
BPBattle Point
MVPMost Valuable Player
OPOver Powered
GGGood Game
HPHealth Point
GOATGreatest of All Time
IGLIn- Game Leader
IGNIn- Game Name
ADSAim Down Sights
BTCBorn To Clutch
AFMAway From Mobile
AFKAway From Keyboard
AGAce Gold


Thanks for reading this article. I hope you know all the full forms that are mostly used in Battleground Mobile India. Thank you again, If you found this article helpful then must share it with your friends that not know these full forms. To know every update related to BGMI continue visit our website.

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