BGMI New Season Date | C4S12 Season Update

BGMI New Season Date is update on BGMI Game. If you know full details about BGMI New Season complete read this article. In this article, we cover all about BGMI new season update that what new – new things come with this update.

What is New Season in BGMI?

The new Season in BGMI is an event that is come with new seasons challenges and awesome rewards. Basically, the New season in BGMI is prepared for players because they are bored playing continuously the same season again and again. So new seasons are making the game challenging. So every player plays this game with much more excitement. BGMI Seasons are growing up more audiences in this game.

New Season Start Date of BGMI

The new Season Start date of BGMI is 21-08-2023 at 7:00 AM. At 5:30 AM previous season of BGMI is lock and at 7:00 AM it will be come. This new season C4S12 will be ending on 21-10–2023 at 5:30 AM.

Rewards and prizes of BGMI New Season

Every season of BGMI games comes with fantastic items like gun skin, some awesome outfits, and a new title. This season also comes with some awesome items that are we mention:-

This C4S12 comes with attractive outfits and gun skin Here is the list with their tier rewards –

  • Bronze tier reward – Supply Crate Coupon with 300 season tokens.
  • Silver tier reward – Classic Crate Coupon with 350 season tokens.
  • Gold tier reward – Pink Color Outfit of female.
  • Platinum tier reward – Pink Color Glasses.
  • Diamond tier reward – pink color skin of Mini14
  • Crown tier reward – season title and team-up special effects with 3 rating protection card
  • Ace tier reward – funny mask with ace title and team-up special effects.
  • Ace Master tier reward – pink color cap with hair wig and ace master title and team-up special effects.
  • Ace Dominator tier reward – Ace Dominator Avtar with title and tem-up special effects.
  • Conqueror tier reward -Conqueror Avtar Frame with title and team-up special effects.

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