BGMI New X Suit Release Date

BGMI New X Suit Release Date- If you are a player that wants to make a beautiful collection of your inventory, then must include an X suit. At present time the X-suit is the most popular outfit in BGMI (Battleground Mobile India). In every season BGMI team launches a new X-suit for players. If you also want X suit for free complete read this article to know how to get X suit for free.

What is X Suit in BGMI Game?

X suit in BGMI Game is a very premium outfit that comes with the event. In events, you can see that every season comes with different – different patterned X-suits. Also, you can get free mythic emotes. You can level up your X-suit by the point. when you level up your suit you unlock many features of your x-suit.

Befits of X Suit in BGMI

If you have an X-suit then you have many special features and facilities that come with X suit. X suit has 7 levels to upgrade the suit. Here are the levels Name of X- suit:-

bgmi new x suit release date
  1. Basic Appearance
  2. Spectacular Arrival
  3. Advanced Form
  4. Victory Broadcast
  5. Shock and Awe
  6. Final Form
  7. Radiant Form

When you fully upgrade X-suit then you have special kill effects, special loot crates, and special enemy kill massage. Your game lobby looks so good compared to other players who have not x-suit.

The latest X Suit in BGMI Game

At present, the BGMI team updates events with the new x- suit. The new x suit’s name is Marmoris it comes with special rewards and special animation that attracts players. When you join your friend lobby it enters with an amazing special entry. Everybody is surprised when you enter their normal game lobby.

Release Date of new X suit Marmoris

In BGMi the Marmoris new x suit release date was 23/08/2023 and the end date is 10/10/2023. You have much time to get this Marmoris X- suit. After the event, you are not able to get this X-suit.

How can we get Marmoris X-Suit

To Get Marmoris x suit simply follow some steps:-

  1. Firstly go to your game lobby.
  2. Now Find Marmoris X- suit event, and click on event.
  3. Here you can see spin in uc, click here and spin.
  4. In this event, you need to spend UC to get Marmoris x suit.
  5. It is necessary to spin whenever you do not open Marmoris x suit in the spin.
bgmi new x suit release date

Are we can purchase Marmoris X suit for free?

Yes, you can get Marmoris x suit for free. BGMI team provide you 5 spin with silver coin. If you are lucky then you get Marmoris x suit for free. I also tried it but it’s my bad luck that I got Marmoris x suit mythic emote. Try your luck with these 5 free spins with notify me if you got this.

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