BGMI Sensitivity Codes | BGMI Zero Recoil Sensitivity

BGMI Sensitivity Codes– To enjoy your gameplay in BGMI, you should have a better Sensitivity that helps to improve your gaming skills. If you search for a much good gaming sensitivity, you are in the right place. Here we provide you best zero recoil sensitivity with codes, use it and play your game like a pro. Complete reading this article to know all of the settings and features that I mention in this blog post, Follow all of them for a good gaming experience.

What are Sensitivity Codes in BGMI Game?

If you already play BGMI then you know about Sensitivity codes in BGMI, if not then don’t worry I will tell you. Sensitivity codes in BGMI is a player sensitivity codes in BGMI that another player uses to copy game sensitivity. Here is a Sensitivity Code that you can use to copy sensitivity – 7264-7932-9550-4540-891.

How does Sensitivity impact your gameplay?

If you don’t know about how can sensitivity impact your gameplay, then I will tell you. How you finish your enemy in BGMI game also depends on your game sensitivity. Sensitivity is control of your camera, Aim, and Gun scope and how quickly you respond. if your sensitivity is high then your gun Aims quickly to move on the enemy, if not then it takes some milliseconds to move and this is an advantage of your enemy that he uses.

Where I Can Change Game Sensitivity in BGMI?

Now you know how much sensitivity are impact your gameplay then you also thought about where you can change game sensitivity, if you know then good, if not then don’t worry. I will teach you how can you change your game sensitivity.

Here we are providing instructions follow them to customize your game sensitivity:-

  • First, open your BGMI game.
bgmi sensitivity codes
  • Now click on the Down arrow that shows the in-game lobby corner. After clicking on Setting.
  • Now, click on sensitivity.
bgmi sensitivity codes
  • Here you can modify your sensitivity.

How to Enable Gyroscope in BGMI

Follow the instructions that mentions in the upper point

  • Enter in sensitivity.
  • Click on Gyroscope.
  • Now click on Always.
bgmi sensitivity codes

Setup best Sensitivity Manually to improve your Gameplay

In this article, we provide all about BGMI sensitivity such as how it impacts your gameplay, and where you can change your sensitivity. When you entered Sensitivity you show that here you see three types of sensitivity that are:-

  1. Camera Sensitivity
  2. ADS Sensitivity
  3. Gyroscope Sensitivity

We tell you about all of three types sensitivity that help to zero recoil. After you apply it to your game your gameplay improves much more.

Best Camera Sensitivity in BGMI for Zero Recoil

Camera Sensitivity is the most impact on your gameplay. If your camera sensitivity is good then you have a great visual to spot your enemy, if not then it is responsible for the bad experience of your game. Here is the list of e-sports gamer’s BGMI zero recoil sensitivity that they use.

Tpp No Scope240 percent
Fpp No Scope245 percent
Red Dot and Holographic30 percent
2x Scope39 percent
3x Scope27 percent
4x Scope17 percent
6x Scope18 percent
8x Scope15 percent

Best ADS Sensitivity in BGMI for Zero Recoil

ADS (Aim Down sight) is also a factor, If your ADS sensitivity is good then you control your weapon aim and take down the enemy quickly. Famous Johnathan Gaming is known for its good gameplay because he has full control of ADS sensitivity compared to other players. Here is the best ADS Sensitivity that we are providing in the table. Use it to improve your gameplay.

Tpp No Scope115 percent
Fpp No Scope120 percent
Red Dot and Holographic55 percent
2x Scope38 percent
3x Scope27 percent
4x Scope15 percent
6x Scope8 percent
8x Scope15 percent

Best Gyroscope Sensitivity in BGMI for Zero Recoil

If you continuously play the Gyroscope game then you can enable Gyroscope in BGMI and enjoy your gameplay. Gyroscopes are mostly used by e-sports players because of Gyroscope are a great feature that helps to improve aim accuracy. Here we provide the best gyroscope sensitivity that helps you much more.

Tpp No Scope349 percent
Fpp No Scope350 percent
Red Dot and Holographic325 percent
2x Scope298 percent
3x Scope187 percent
4x Scope176 percent
6x Scope83 percent
8x Scope55 percent

How to Share your BGMI Zero Recoil Sensitivity codes with Your Friends?

If any of your friends want to copy your BGMI zero recoil Sensitivity, then BGMI provides you with a special feature that you use to share your sensitivity with your friends. Here are some points follow them to share game sensitivity with your friends:-

  1. Open your BGMI app.
  2. Click on the down arrow that is in the bottom corner.
  3. Now, click on settings for clicking on Sensitivity.
  4. Now, Click on upload to cloud.
  5. After clicking on the cloud button, you can see your sensitivity code in numbers.
  6. Copy it and share it with your friends.

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How can Use your Friend Zero Recoil Sensitivity codes in your BGMI Game?

If you want to copy your friend BGMI zero recoil sensitivity, then follow some instructions:-

  1. Go to the BGMI game lobby and go to settings.
  2. Now, Click on the sensitivity and click on layout.
  3. After, you see tap on a search method, click on it and paste your friend’s BGMI sensitivity code and apply.
  4. Once it is done, You can see a preview of your friend’s sensitivity.

Graphics Settings that are Helpful for Your Gameplay

Here are some graphics settings that when you apply, your game play smoothly.

  • Style- Colorful
  • Colorblind – Normal
  • Brightness – 145%
  • Graphics – So Smooth (Personally Recommended for low device users)
  • Auto- Adjust Graphics- Disable

Bonus Tip that increases your gaming skills

Here are some tips that you can use for quick response against emeny:-

  1. Enable Headshot Sound Effects.
  2. Do enable Tap to mark the Location.
  3. Always enable Slide (Arena) for your TDM matches.

All of these settings are in Advanced Control.

Note:- When you apply all of the settings that we are mentioned in this article, it not necessary that makes you a pro player in 1 day. You have some patience and improve your game skills with practice on the training ground.


Thanks for complete read this article. If you found this article helpful then must share it with your friends that want good BGMI sensitivity. To know more updates related to BGMI Visit sritmeerut.

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