Study finds urbanization in Asia a beacon of hope for tigers

Recognizing that whether tiger populations on the Asian continent recover or disappear into history depends on the decisions we make about how we live on this planet. , suggests the latest research. “If we want a planet with tigers, forests and wilderness to survive beyond the 21st century, conservation efforts will help alleviate poverty, increase … Read more

A New Perspective Through Adversity: Is the Natural World Heading for a Glorious Comeback?

As an environmental journalist, I was tormented daily by headlines like ‘Worm Apocalypse’ and ‘Half the Earth’s Wildlife Lost’ . At least as generations before us knew, the dangers of the natural world are unbearable to watch. But if the collapse of global biodiversity that we are witnessing is not a critical cataclysm, it is simply a brief, bleak period … Read more

The women of Kunden used cement to prevent mining on their land. this is their story

Silence, prosperity, fertility. Those words came to my mind one Sunday night in 2019 as I stood on top of a hill in the village of Tegaldowo in Java, Indonesia. The phrase has been used to describe a huge island with fertile soil, green rice paddies and teak forests. But this stillness hides a more tumultuous story. Massive … Read more