Trump policies threaten endangered Grauer gorillas

Primatologists tracked a herd of Grauer’s gorillas through rugged terrain for weeks. They cut through dense rainforest, followed sharp-ridged canyons, and crossed nearly impenetrable mountains in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). A field team of Stuart Nixon, Chryso Kaghoma, and Congolese tracked the “Eastern Lowland Gorilla” using GPS to learn … Read more

Global fish crisis? Ban high seas fishing

Despite the decline of countless fish species due to overfishing and other threats, and the increased demand for more fish and shellfish, scientists are clearly looking for a drastic solution (fishing on the high seas). ban and switch to ‘the world’s reef’). Don’t worry, doing so won’t affect the economic profits of the fish industry, and … Read more

Otter cafes and pet fever accelerate illegal trade in Japan and Indonesia

On World Otter Day 2019, a documentary film was released highlighting the illegal trade in small-clawed otters in Asia. The small-clawed otter is categorized as a vulnerable species on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, and its population is declining. A film by wildlife photographer and filmmaker Aaron Gekoski of World Animal … Read more

animals have culture

Carl Safina is a global ecologist based on Long Island, New York, USA. Safina, who became a researcher of marine life after earning a doctorate in seabird studies at Rutgers University, won the Lannan Prize for Literary Nonfiction for his first novel, Song of the Sea (1998). Awarded Division. In his recent book, Beyond Words: What Do … Read more