How To Get BGMI Free Royal Pass

BGMI Free Royal Pass is a most searches query that is mostly searched by BGMI players who want BGMI Free Royal Pass. If you also want Free Royal Pass in BGMI, then complete this blog post to learn How to get a free royal pass and enjoy it.

In this blog post, we are cover these topics in this blog post:-

  1. What is Royal Pass?
  2. Types of Royal Pass in BGMI
  3. Benefits of Royal Pass in BGMI
  4. How Can I Get Royal Pass?
  5. 4 Ways To Get Free Royal Pass in BGMI
  6. BGMI New Royal Pass Update

What is Royal Pass

If you are a BGMI player then I think it is not a must to explain to you about Royal Pass because you know about it, if not, or if you are new to this game then also heard about Royal Pass. Royal Pass is a features that offers some prizes and challenges. All participants complete their mission or challenges and get fantastic things like gun skins, outfits, and more. Royal Pass comes each season in BGMI.

Types of Royal Pass in BGMI

In Battleground Mobile India you see there are three types of Royal Pass.

BGMI Free Royal Pass

1 . Free Pass

Free pass is an ordinary pass that every player gets for free without any purchase. In this Free Pass, you get some legendary outfits and gun skins free by completing this free pass mission. This free pass is automatically activated when you make your I’d in this game.

2. Elite Pass

Elite Pass is a premium pass called Royal Pass. To get Elite pass you need to purchase some UC (Game currency). In this Elite Pass you get some awesome outfits and emotes and you also get Free Pass things. To collect all of Elite Pass rewards you need to complete Elite Pass mission. When you complete all of the challenges of Elite Pass then you collect some mythic rewards.

3. Elite Pass Plus

Elite Pass Plus is also a premium Pass that you get by purchasing. But in this Pass, you have the advantage that you don’t need to complete Elite Pass challenges. You can easily collect all of the Elite Pass rewards without completing your challenges. But this Pass is much premium compared to Elite Pass.

Benefits of Royal Pass in BGMI

In this game, you have to advantage if you have Royal Pass. If you have Royal Pass then you have some extra things in your inventory compared to that normal player that haven’t Royal Pass. You can complete Royal Pass Mission and get many achievement points compared to another player. You get a higher rank on your game. Also, you have some fancy outfits and famous titles in the BGMI player list.

How Can I Get Royal Pass?

If you want to get Royal Pass in Battleground Mobile India Then you need UC. To purchase UC then follow some steps:-

  1. Go to the game lobby and click on RP.
  2. After clicking on RP you see the upgrade pass at the bottom of the corner.
  3. Now click on Elite Pass.
  4. Now you redirect to the play store where it asks to make a payment.
  5. After making payment back on your game lobby.
  6. Now your Royal Pass is unlocked click on Royal Pass and collect your rewards.

4 Methods To Get Free Royal Pass in BGMI

Here we are sharing 4 methods to get Free Royal Pass in BGMI/ Battleground Mobile India. You can follow any method to get Free Royal Pass in BGMI and enjoy your gameplay.

1. Use some rewards Application

If you want to purchase Royal Pass for free in BGMI then you can try some rewards apps that offer you some money. You can use this money to purchase UC and get Royal Pass in BGMI. To get money in these apps you need to complete some tasks or answer some questions. Here we recommended some official apps that help you to get Royal Pass for free.

  1. WinZO
  2. Router
  3. Google Opinion Rewards
  4. Poll Pay
  5. Gamzey

2. Ask Rich Friends

BGMI allows you to request your friends for Royal Pass. If You have rich friends that have extra UC in the game then you request to him for Royal Pass. If he accepts your Royal Pass request then you don’t need to purchase Royal Pass.

3. Giveaways

To get Free Royal Pass you can join some Giveaways that are done by a lot of Youtubers and Some Organiser. You can participate in them and do their challenges and get Free Royal Pass without spending money.

4. Apply Coupens Codes

You can also get Free Royal Pass by applying the Coupon code. Here we provide some coupon codes that you can use to get Royal Pass without spending money.

  6. 23KM43OIJKMVR

BGMI New Royal Pass Update

In BGMI New Royal Pass Update you see that they come with a new Royal Pass called A1 Pass. In this A1 Pass, you can get upgradeable gun skins and mythic outfits that have special effects. To know this Pass full details you can visit the BGMI Offical website.


In this blog post, I mention every detail about Royal Pass and also share 4 methods to get the Royal Pass for free. If you like this post and want some more informative content then must visit our site.

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